Silly Kids

As I stood watching those two silly kids yesterday (I'm talking about baby goats) I was thinking about my two boys and how I can't wait till they will play with each other and be this silly (alright maybe not this silly).

"A day at the playground"
They think they have found a slide and like all good kids are taking turns. You can hear their mama in the background telling them to get down and stop fooling around. Gavin (my six month old) is helping me take the footage (his hands are not too steady yet
) and Isaac is cheering the babies on . After two weeks they finally have names, the white one is Sunny and the black one is Cher I am not really sure where we came up with those names but they're definitely fun. One of the kids (baby goat again) gets to go to kindergarten today and visit my mother's classroom. I don't think she will feel so lucky (the kid not my mother).

Whew, I am back after a whirlwind trip, I had to interrupt my blog writing to get the goat to school (sounds very strange when you write it down). Twenty 5 year olds, a 2 1/2 year old, a six month old and a baby goat, use your imagination. It was crazy! The goat was great, especially since I had to run errands afterward (thinking ahead and saving fuel), people kept asking me what kind of dog was it. After the grocery store, gas station, community college to pick up 200 hundred flyers for our up-coming silent auction (which I now have to paper the town with), and last but not least a trip to the hardware store for potting essentials, I am now ready to hit the greenhouse and start some Lavender and Dogwood cuttings and if I have enough space on the heat pads some Dill and Basil seed too (I'll show you tomorrow).  Time to go utilize the daylight and make something grow, bye for now!

"Taste Testing"

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homeworkandlove said...

What a fantastic video! It is fun to see what the little ones are up to. Love hearing about your adventures and am looking forward to seeing everything grow!

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