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Apparently I spoke too soon in regards to Spring being on her way. Yesterday morning we awoke to large, fat snow flakes tumbling towards the ground. Winter is a sore loser I guess and just can't leave without the last word. I can only hope we avoid a start to the growing season like we suffered last year, warm cold, cold warm. I love you mother nature but please could you be a little more decisive. The plants were so confused they didn't know which way was up so they just stay put. My tomatoes, even though they were in the greenhouse, stayed about 3 inches tall until they developed flowers and I tossed them out. 
Since it was more like wet cement out there than soft, fluffy, snowman snow we stayed inside by the fire and started Isaac's book of sounds. My mother, the kindergarten teacher, gave me the idea. It is really simple and can be made in so many ways. I went for the extremely easy, 
practical way. I took a 1/2 inch 3 ring binder and plastic sleeves (I have lots of these around for knitting patterns), glue stick, scissors and markers. Isaac and I chose a letter and started looking through magazine that I wasn't attached to (I kept my Interweave Knitting magazines hidden), we cut out any picture with the sound of the letter. It is a
simple, quick,  activity to do with the kids and they can read it 
with you afterwards, and it helps their small motor skills. 
I think Isaac will like to read it at bed time.

On a different note, today I happened to see a clip on the today show about breast feeding. A mother and not a health expert, is advocating for women who don't want to or can't breastfeed their children. She claims there is no scientific evidence to back up claims that breast feeding is a healthier than formula. Now I haven't gone to look for medically published articles or studies on breast feeding being the healthiest option, I only assume it is because it comes from a mother's body (so did the baby who needs it) and is made especially for that baby. Regardless of the common sense that goes with it, all you have to do is read the labels on the formula can. Now I'm not saying all formulas are created equal, so there must be better ones out there (I hope for babies sake) ,but we had some formula cans  sent as samples to the house ( I don't know why) and the label reads like a candy bar: 43.2% corn syrup solids (first ingredient), 11.5% high Oleic Safflower Oil (third ingredient), 10.3% Sugar (fourth ingredient), 5 different kinds of oils in it and countless other item that would take me a week to type. I think it was irresponsible of these woman and the Today Show to promote formula by saying there is no evidence that breastfeeding is better, where's the evidence that formula is safe? Just take a look at the ingredients. I won't let my 2 1/2 year old eat candy, I am defiantly not going to let my infant snack on it in the disguise of "milk". I participated in the chat on the Today's Show site, here's what I said, "There will always be mothers who cannot or choose not to breastfeed, 
 so lets focus on improving the standards to which companies making formula have to stack up to and eliminate the terrible ingredients being used in today's formula." I don't ever participate in things like that but it was interesting to see what other women had to say, sadly they mostly criticized each other's decisions (a cat fight if I ever heard one). In the end it is a mother's right to choose, we need to push for BF mother's to feel comfortable to feed their children anywhere, I am sure mother's who bottle feed do.
 Well thanks for listening to my rant, I think is is time to go and help something grow to relax me,  I know! I'll go and BF my baby and help him grow!

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Lance said...

There is tons of research to support breastfeeding. In "How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine" Michael Murray says that breastfeeding for at least 6 months has shown a lower chance of developing diabetes. That at least tells you something. I like the new breastfeeding logo on your blog.

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