Flower Power

We went to whistler over New Years Eve and I kept seeing these really cute over sized headband/ear warmers. I have always disliked wearing hats because I have really long and thick hair (believe me, I'm not complaining). It is just is hard to find hats to fit and look good and then I always have to have my hair down (which I hardly ever do). The supper cute and easy solution... the over sized flower headband. I used a beautiful deep purple in Ultra Alpaca, which I love making hats with and am also currently knitting a sweeter for T in. I found the headband pattern on Ravlery; Knit Ear Warmer with Crochet Flower by Ashlee Prisbrey. I changed the flower and knit individual petals and sewed them together, then added some various tones of green beads to fancy it up a little. While I love the way it turn out it is a little to out there for me. The first time I wore it I received many compliments and had to pass on the pattern on to others, so maybe I just need to learn to branch out in my fashion (understatement or what!). Happy Knitting!

My mom had this great button that just happen to match perfectly!


Blog it, when you got it

I have finally realized after almost two years of blogging, that while I would love to post a blog everyday with a project finished, photographed and written about each time, that will never happen. So with no further fuss, I am declaring... blog it when I got it! Maybe I'll have a post each month or maybe one every other day (fat chance), but it shouldn't feel like a chore (surely we all have enough of those already). So when it's finished and ready I'll share.
Enough of that, for a Christmas gift I finally put together all the piece of C's sweater and bonnet. I finished the Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi  and matching bonnet (I made up) ages ago. Yes, this does happen to be the sweater I posted about on June 6th. I made a post about starting it because I wanted some pressure to get it done sooner than the last kids sweater which took me 9 months.While I didn't post it, I did get it done much quicker than the last, it just took me 5 more months to get the buttons on it and sew the i-cord onto the hat. Well in any case it's done and it was easy and very cute. Now I just need a photo of C in it! She'll have a bit of growing to fill it out. Happy Friday All!

Inspirational Growing Quotes

"Gardening requires lots of water-most of it in the form of perspiration."
~ Lou Erickson, www.quotegarden.com