Blog it, when you got it

I have finally realized after almost two years of blogging, that while I would love to post a blog everyday with a project finished, photographed and written about each time, that will never happen. So with no further fuss, I am declaring... blog it when I got it! Maybe I'll have a post each month or maybe one every other day (fat chance), but it shouldn't feel like a chore (surely we all have enough of those already). So when it's finished and ready I'll share.
Enough of that, for a Christmas gift I finally put together all the piece of C's sweater and bonnet. I finished the Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi  and matching bonnet (I made up) ages ago. Yes, this does happen to be the sweater I posted about on June 6th. I made a post about starting it because I wanted some pressure to get it done sooner than the last kids sweater which took me 9 months.While I didn't post it, I did get it done much quicker than the last, it just took me 5 more months to get the buttons on it and sew the i-cord onto the hat. Well in any case it's done and it was easy and very cute. Now I just need a photo of C in it! She'll have a bit of growing to fill it out. Happy Friday All!

Inspirational Growing Quotes

"Gardening requires lots of water-most of it in the form of perspiration."
~ Lou Erickson, www.quotegarden.com