Wow am I tired. What a hard night it was. More than just Gavin (the 6 month old) was crying. At 11 pm (when did I become such an early bird) I am still awake and Gavin is using me as a trampoline. It is amazing how different two siblings can be. Isaac was a champion sleeper and eater (still is). Gavin will sleep if your cradling him in your arms or he is snug in the car seat, but that's the only way to get him to sleep most of the time. Isaac knew exactly what to do with food from the first bite, we gave Gavin his first food, he took one tiny bit and up came about a cup of chunky milk he had eaten an hour before (too graphic?). We'll try again another time. Although I think Gavin might be a calmer soul compared to Isaac, who is the rough and tumble type. Well I guess that's how it should be, what would be the point of have more than one if they were exactly the same. I love them both very much for their different, sweet and wonderful selves.
It's no fun feeling worn out at the start of the day, but it makes it easier not to feel so bad when I sit down and enjoy a quiet activity (I meant my activity is quiet, not the boys). I need to make some scrubbies for the kitchen because I don't even want to touch the one in the sink. I'm sure it could grow legs and walk away at this point (it defiantly could grow something). Attention: This is the best kitchen scrubby ever!
Not the cheap thing you buy at the store and falls apart the
second you touch it to the pan, but a scrubby that will scare the grease off any thing and not the paint. It won't scratch and when I can no longer justify using it to clean dishes, it gets demoted to shower scrubber.
It crochets up pretty quickly and becomes a no brainer, which makes it a very satisfying project to take any where. I'll admit I only know how to crochet this one thing and that should tell you how easy it can be.
Get it started: Every scrubby turns out a little different. It all depends on the hook, I like to use a "G", I like my scrubbies nice and tight so they won't fall apart. I have used hooks from "G to J" and they all work fine, the tool (fabric) you use is also important. Joann's sells three types of tool; a fine small holed type, a larger holed coarser type and the heave coarsest type made especially for scrubbies (this is new). The two coarser types work for scrubbies, the kind made specifically for scrubby making is a little harder on your hands and more expensive. The green tool in the pictures is the new, coarse tool. You have to cut the tool into strips to use it, keep it folded, it makes it so much easier. I cut mine into 1 to 2 inch strips, the coarser the tool the narrower the strip. The tool made for scrubbies can be cut into 3/4 inch strips. If you cut it too wide it makes it really hard on your hands to crochet.

Step One: Chain four, I change this often depending on my hook size and tool. I like a tight scrubby so the larger the hook and the
coarser tool the less chains I do. Next, connect the chain to form a circle, then double crochet into each stitch to increase the the circle. When you finish the first strip tie another to the working end and keep going. You will continue to double crochet into each stitch until your circle starts to have ruffles, this is some where between 2 to 3 strips of tool.
Step Two: Now, single crochet into every stitch until the circle reaches about 3 inches in diameter. I like a bigger scrubby, but you really can make them any size you want. Up to this point I've used about 6 to 7 strips of tool.

Step Three: When your scrubby seems big enough for you, start to decrease. Crochet into every other stitch, the circle will close in on itself and you can tie it off at the end. If all went as planned your scrubby should resemble a flattened ball. Now hand it over to the dish washer. I make the scrubby my husband gets to use it, don't forget to thank them for that. (Thanks Honey for washing the dishes!) That's one thing you don't want to watch grow, a dirty pile of dishes.

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