Got Milk?

  I know how cliche of me, I meant got goat milk? Over the weekend we tried our first taste of Flash's (the goat) milk. It was great, creamy and smooth and without even a hint of goaty flavor. Ty has always been really excited to consume our goat's milk and while I really like the idea when it actually came time to put it to my lips I was a bit hesitant (at least I did try it, Ty wouldn't even try my breast milk when Isaac was born). I was afraid the goat milk would have a heavy taste like many of the goat cheeses have, you know the one 
(or maybe you don't) that flavor that tastes just like the goat smells, which isn't terrible I just don't want it in my morning latte. As it was, Ty did make a latte with it, don't expect goat's milk to be coming to your local coffee shop anytime soon, apparently it doesn't foam even one little bubble (but tastes great).
  It might not foam because goats milk contains smaller fat lipids than cow's milk, that's why people who are intolerant or allergic (like Ty) to cow's milk can often have goat dairy without trouble. We started Isaac on goat dairy before he ever had cow's milk and he likes it better now that he can choose. It would be wonderful if goat's milk was more readily available to everyone, I know of many groceries that carry it but not most of the mainstream ones. Next come yogurt, wish us luck!
Tonight is our first garden group meeting. 
Marianna (a good friend of mine from high school) and I wanted to talk with and help out others interested in gardening to feed the family. We weren't sure if there would be any interest so I put an add out on craigslist to get a sense for others' with the same interests and Bam! Wouldn't you know it, there are a whole lot of people who want to talk about all sorts of thing; seed starting, gardening, preserving and everything else you can do to support your families hunger from the backyard. many people who were having trouble with getting the gardens to flourish and have a harvest you can feed the family with through the winter. I hope with the variety of gardening talents we have coming everyone can get their questions answered and we can all make some new friends. I made banana bread for tonight and the preschool snack (two hungry groups with one baking session), can't beat that). 
I didn't have a lemon, so this time I added orange zest
and a couple of tablespoons of fresh juice and of course lots of nutmeg. Can't you just smell this bread. Well I should go and outline some topics for tonight and hopefully help others to grow some great food.

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homeworkandlove said...

What a wonderful idea to share gardening knowledge. Let me know if there is anything my garden can't live without!

Inspirational Growing Quotes

"Gardening requires lots of water-most of it in the form of perspiration."
~ Lou Erickson, www.quotegarden.com