Hooray! I actually got somethings accomplished today, you know beyond the usual taking care of the kids, making meals blah blah blah (you know, I really love doing it). I managed to rototille most of the garden in between lunch, naps and diaper changes. I put some Swiss chard seeds into the ground that had been soaking for two+ days (two days too long) , I cut the flower stalks off the rhubarb. A good thing to do before they open so the rhubarb will put its energy onto growing the edible stalks, not reproducing, you will have better rhubarb all summer long. I consolidated some random cardoon plants into a singe row and I hacked down the way too tall grass clumps (more like mountains) around the blueberries, fruit trees and raspberries. I would have loved to get some work done in the greenhouse but it was a little too crowded in there with all the other work going on. I am talking about all the wasps making themselves at home (more like three homes). We are having a terrible time trying to get them out since we are not too interested in bombing them (and all our veggie starts). Ty tried smoking them out tonight, we will see if that works. They did leave and we hung a bar of soap in the openings (that are only open on warm days), we read it deters wasps. I can only hope any of this will help because they are putting me way behind schedule. We tried a homemade trap out of a modified two liter pop bottle, but we came up empty handed (or empty bottle really). First mice now wasps in the greenhouse, I guess I can't blame them I know I really love to be in there. I'll check tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Lets hope the plants in the greenhouse grow and not the wasp nests. Ta Ta for now.

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