Not to worry anymore I have been found, I am still alive and kicking, much to contrary blogging activity. I didn't fall off the face of the earth, just merely tripped and landed under a rock for the last few days (more like week and a half). I have been just so busy and caught up in life, I kept feeling bad for not getting a blog done as each day passed, but as I did get to glimpse a few other's blogs they seem to be suffering from the very same anti time, too many projects disease (oh no, it's spreading). Anyway, while I was away I did manage to learn a few new tricks. I tried quilting for the first time, my mother quilts and it has just taken me a little while to get involved. My mother, sister and I spent a day all quilting together, it was great fun and this is what I made...  Two squares for a farm quilt, they're not quite finished but this goat and sheep will join the others in a blanket (eventually), good thing my mother has a whole bunch of squares done already. Katy is making a happy froggy crib quilt, I think great,  a fresh idea for baby (enough of baby pastels). Gardening season is not the ideal time to take up new crafts, but I guess I should think of it as a chance for my crafty side to grow a bit more. I also learned from my sis (thanks Katy) how to knit with wire and make some very cool knitted, beaded bracelets (show you next time). They are very quick and easy. Well I should trot down to the green house and open it up, it was 98 degrees in there yesterday, too hot. We seem to be having a couple of awesome days of weather, I'll take 'em (and a few more please). It has been lovely working in the garden and orchard. The apple tree are growing bigger every day and so is Gavin, the picture above is of his first time sitting on the grass by himself (isn't he the cutest), I don't know when he learned to sit up so well it happened in a blink. Well, see you soon (sooner than a week and a half I hope!)

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Inspirational Growing Quotes

"Gardening requires lots of water-most of it in the form of perspiration."
~ Lou Erickson, www.quotegarden.com