Chicken pot pie

Comfort food here I come. I am into comfort food this fall, more then usual. It just make you feel warm and cozy, you can't help but cook more! I have been trying to cook at least one meal a week where I make two or three extra, entree sized, portions to freeze. It has been working out really well, except for our limited freezer space. With so little space it means we have to go through the frozen dinners pretty quick, which is not a problem when there is a delicious chicken pot pie in there. I made a whole chicken, chicken pot pie that was part experiment and part recipe with help from alrecipces.com, it was their highly rated Chicken Pot Pie IX recipe. I had a whole organic chicken and I guessed that would be enough for three pies, my family doesn't eat lot of meat and when you add a bunch of veggies you never notice it might be light on the chicken. The recipe called for chicken stock, actually it tells you to boil chicken and veggies and then toss out the water and add chicken stock, this didn't make any sense to me, so I boiled a whole chicken and the veggies and herbs in  a large pot and in the end had made the chicken stock while cooking the other stuff. I also added potatoes (I just couldn't see a good pot pie with out them), green beans, collards and kale. I think corn would be excellent in this too, any veggies you have handy could be thrown in and it makes it that much more filling. Next time I would add more collards and kale, they were great and added some different texture. I made the crust with whole wheat pastry flour and butter for the flavor, I didn't really care that it wouldn't be flaky (it was great!). "T" ate at least half the pie for dinner. I didn't get around to making the other two pies until the next day and you know that made it really easy to have the different parts (filling and gravy) already made and then make the crust when I was ready to put it all together. It is a bit labor intensive, but so worth it and it freezes great!

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"Gardening requires lots of water-most of it in the form of perspiration."
~ Lou Erickson, www.quotegarden.com