Welcome Home

No banner or balloons, but we are still excited about them coming! As I said in my last post we just bought a house on a half acre lot. When we originally started the house search we (or maybe just me) thought we couldn't live without at least 10 acres, then reality hit and being closer to work (not to mention financially do-able) meant a much smaller lot. So, the lot sizes slowly shrunk week by week, till in the end we were look at house lots as small as 8000 square feet ( and that's not a bad sized lot either). It seems we just have too many interests to fit in anything less then 20 acres. But, no we did not move to a secluded town of 300 on a 100 acre farm, at least not yet anyway. Instead we moved closer to work, shopping and many other amenities and still managed a small plot in a rural feeling suburb that embraces the rural lifestyle we so love. We are surrounded by houses and yet I can hear a rooster crow from at least 3 different directions. Our city has it's own riding arena and on our lot size we are allowed to have three large livestock animals (3 cows, 3 horses, 3 goats it doesn't specify). We went the more realistic route (maybe not to everyone) and brought our three small milking goats + one baby. These are the same girls from my first blog post over a year ago, they're Mini Nubians and just the perfect size for this place. We are so excited to have our goats close and be able to milk regularly. So welcome Lucy (Nigerian Dwarf), Sunny and Cher (Mini Nubians) and baby (no name yet). I love her lopsided black spot over her lips, guess she doesn't have a mirror to put her lipstick on. Wait and see, we are going to farm this place down to the last inch, I bet we can fit at least ten acres in here!

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Inspirational Growing Quotes

"Gardening requires lots of water-most of it in the form of perspiration."
~ Lou Erickson, www.quotegarden.com